elperro delaluna: Damage Teeth Can Trigger Heart Disease And Stroke

Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Damage Teeth Can Trigger Heart Disease And Stroke

According to research by the University of Hiroshima to find people who have less than 24 pieces of gear have a 60 percent chance of having a stroke. Number of normal adult teeth are as many as 32 pieces. Scientists found that people have a number of teeth less than 24 teeth at risk of stroke.

Results of research conducted showed that stroke patients aged 50 years was largely toothless and less than 24.

The researchers also took into account other risk factors associated with stroke such as smoking, obesity and alcohol use.

But the problem is a serious concern because the teeth are not clean teeth associated with tooth decay which will affect the number of teeth.

Teeth are not clean because the teeth are then attached to the remaining food into plaque. This plaque deposits will make the gums bleed easily hurt and thus affect the strength of the teeth. Teeth that do not come off much stronger eventually.

"These findings suggest that tooth loss is closely associated with the risk of ischemic stroke or haemorrhage," said Dr Mitsuyoshi Yoshida, who led the research.

This study is also not much different from previous studies that found a link between gum disease with heart disease risk.

Mouth suffering from tooth and gum disease will be filled with the bacteria that cause sticky plaque on the teeth.

Accumulation of plaque that contains many microorganisms that then goes into the blood vessels (arteries), which if accumulation would disrupt the blood vessel lining.

As a result, blood flow to the brain or the heart could be hampered by plaques containing microorganisms can cause a blood clot so that blood flow is not smooth. If blocked blood vessels so oxygen does not get to the brain, causing a stroke.

"Bacteria in the mouth due to gum disease and tooth contribute to the narrowing of the blood vessel walls that can lead to stroke," said Dr Sharlin Ahmed of The Stroke Association.

So that scientists warn importance of maintaining oral hygiene. The emergence of gum disease should also be avoided because of gum disease resulting in tooth easy to date.

In addition to regular brushing, scientists suggested using dental floss (floss) so that the leftovers are tucked inside can be affordable too. With teeth clean the plaques also will not appear.

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